Who Is NBA YoungBoy Dating?

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In the world of fame, rumors and speculations about celebrities’ love lives never appear to end. And NBA YoungBoy, the popular American rapper, is not any exception. Fans are at all times curious to know who he’s relationship. In this text, we will dive into the courting lifetime of NBA YoungBoy and offer you all the juicy details you’ve got been waiting for.

NBA YoungBoy’s Love Life

NBA YoungBoy, whose real identify is Kentrell Gaulden, is thought for his raw and emotional lyrics. His music resonates with millions of fans worldwide, and his personal life is just as intriguing to many. Let’s take a more in-depth look at his relationships and who he has been romantically linked with.

Jania Jackson: The High School Sweetheart

One of NBA YoungBoy’s most well-known relationships was with Jania Jackson. The two began relationship in highschool and gained a lot of attention from the media due to their young age. Jania even appeared in NBA YoungBoy’s music videos, additional fueling hypothesis about their relationship.

However, their relationship was removed from smooth crusing. There had been rumors of infidelity and NBA YoungBoy even admitted to cheating on Jania. Despite the ups and downs, the couple gave the impression to be on-again-off-again for some time, making an attempt to make their relationship work.

More Than a Lover?

Apart from being romantically linked, NBA YoungBoy and Jania Jackson also share a child together. In 2018, Jania gave birth to their son, Kacey Gaulden. Becoming dad and mom at such a younger age undoubtedly added complexity to their relationship, creating challenges and obligations beyond that of a normal young couple.

Yaya Mayweather: A Rocky Relationship

Another high-profile relationship in NBA YoungBoy’s courting historical past is with Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. The couple met in 2019 and their relationship attracted important media attention.

However, their relationship has been anything however smooth sailing. In April 2020, Yaya Mayweather was arrested and charged with stabbing another lady, who was allegedly NBA YoungBoy’s ex-girlfriend. This incident created turmoil and added even more drama to their already difficult relationship.

The Power of Social Media

Social media plays a significant position in at present’s relationships, especially for celebrities. NBA YoungBoy’s relationship life has often been the subject of hypothesis as a outcome of hints and clues on his social media posts. Fans are fast to investigate his each transfer and attempt to decipher who he may be dating primarily based on his online activities.

Many fans consider that NBA YoungBoy is a non-public individual in terms of his love life. While his relationships may not all the time be publicly confirmed by him, fans usually piece collectively the puzzle through social media interactions and shared photographs.

Current https://capegirlstyle.com/hottest-onlyfans Status: Is NBA YoungBoy Dating Anyone?

As of the time of writing this text, NBA YoungBoy’s relationship status remains undisclosed. While many fans might speculate about his dating life, it is important to respect his privateness and allow him to share details about his relationships when he’s prepared.


NBA YoungBoy’s courting life has been eventful and full of drama. From his high school sweetheart to a high-profile relationship with the daughter of a boxing legend, his relationships have by no means been ordinary. While rumors and speculations persist, it’s finally up to NBA YoungBoy to determine when and how he chooses to share particulars about his love life. In the meantime, followers will proceed to eagerly await updates on his relationships and support him by way of his music and personal journey.


  1. Who is NBA Youngboy courting currently?

As of my knowledge, NBA Youngboy is presently dating Yaya Mayweather, the daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr.

  1. How did NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather meet?

NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather reportedly met through social media and began courting in early 2019. They began interacting online and finally formed a romantic relationship.

  1. Have NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather faced any relationship controversies?

Yes, their relationship has been surrounded by some controversies. In April 2020, Yaya Mayweather was arrested for stabbing one other lady during an altercation at NBA Youngboy’s home. This incident received significant media consideration and authorized penalties.

  1. Has NBA Youngboy been involved with another high-profile relationships?

Yes, NBA Youngboy has been linked to different high-profile relationships up to now. He was beforehand dating Jania Jackson, with whom he has a toddler. Additionally, there have been rumors and speculation about his involvement with other celebrities, though these haven’t been confirmed.

  1. Are NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather nonetheless together?

As of my data, NBA Youngboy and Yaya Mayweather are still dating. Despite the controversies they have confronted, they seem like working on their relationship and continue to assist each other publicly on social media.